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Hello Creative People!

This blog is for YOU to introduce my work. You will find paintings, drawings, collages and other creative work. With your request I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience, help you to discover new ways of EXPRESSING yourself and showing a different perspective of the world around you.

7 YEARS WITH ART. I went to an Art School in Lithuania for six years from which I graduated in highest grades. I have experience in design, graphics, painting and pottery. I also had a chance to volunteer for the disabled with whom I was running creative workshops, art therapies. The last year I have spent in Epsom’s University for the Creative Arts studying graphic design.
During these years I had the opportunity to work with people of different age, abilities and needs.

MORE ABOUT LESSONS. Landscape (plein air), still-life, academic drawing, portraits, theme-based lessons are for you to choose from. With landscape workshops we will aim to explore local surroundings, architecture by practicing our techniques. Inside classes which will take place at your home will mostly include your own belongings. With my help we will build inspiring composition on with we would work. Additional things like lighting or particular objects will be organized by me.

MEDIUMS. Depending on the lesson type, mediums you choose are entirely up to you. It can be acrylic, watercolors, ink, pencils, pens, charcoal and pastilles. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT MEDIUM YOU PREFER I will be happy to prepare a medium testing lesson to help you decide.

PRICES. From £10 p/h

CONTACT ME. Paula Mockute: 07923531749,